Flat Products

Casting, rolling, processing and finishing lines

From liquid steel to flat products

Technological, economical and ecological first class solutions out of one hand.

From liquid steel to flat products

DANIELI offers the most advanced plants for continuous casting, hot and cold rolling mills, strip processing and finishing lines. Starting from liquid steel, we are able to process it through to hot and cold rolling, always fulfilling the most demanding applications in terms of quality and productivity.

The claim and incentive of each of our subsidiaries is to provide our customers today and in future best technological, economical and ecological first class solutions and state-of-the-art products. We pay considerable attention to implement smart solutions, that save on operating and maintenance costs, thereby additionally increasing our customer’s competitiveness.

Fata Fröhling

Fata Fröhling is the consolidation of both well-known companies Fata Hunter and Fröhling. It offers complete cold rolling technology with a deep understanding of the forming processes for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, magnesium and many other special metals and alloys. Also, the process automation and electrical systems are provided.

Since 1936, DANIELI FATA HUNTER is one of the world leaders in implementing single equipment as well as complete turnkey plants for the aluminium flat rolled product industries and for steel and stainless-steel processing industries, with a comprehensive ability and know-how for all production ranges.


The brand name Fröhling is synonymous for advanced cold mill design and technology with a deep understanding of metal forming processes. Fröhling was the first company introducing multi-roll mills with direct hydraulic screw down, hydraulic bending of rolls and direct driven intermediate rolls. The cluster mill design dates back to the 1950’s.


The slitting lines for metal strips are tailor-made solutions to fit customer`s specific demands with respect to production output, cutting accuracy and handling. Technological benchmarks are set by lines supplied by Fröhling, proven by reliability and advanced design on sites of world-wide leading strip producers.


The ongoing drive in the metalworking industry to reduce the costs of production emphasizes the need for the highest standard of process automation and control. The solutions offered by Fröhling automation allow the operator to focus on maximum process optimization and cost savings.


Fröhling always strives for modern solutions and advanced design that make customers able to be in the forefront of their markets. Fröhling is not only designing and supplying equipment. As added value, Fröhling is capable of providing expertise in rolling technology and associated areas. Thus, Fröhling can be the technological partner for customers for a time far beyond the supply period.


In addition to plant engineering solutions for the global metalworking industry, Fröhling offers a wide range of services in a variety of scenarios. The knowledge, expertise and experience contribute to sustainable profitability of customer`s rolling mills and strip finishing lines. Fröhling can consult all customers in process support and optimization, modernization of existing lines and revamping of existing lines. The portfolio includes also customer support, spare parts, wear parts, operator training, maintenance and preventive maintenance contracts

Flat Products Business Units


DANIELI DAVY DISTINGTON (since 1951) pioneered continuous casting technology, and today through continuous innovation, is world’s leader in the design and manufacture of advanced continuous slab casters.


DANIELI OLIVOTTO FERRÈ (since 1927) supplies a wide range of economic and sustainable heating solutions and modern heat treating furnaces covering a whole range of appliances and services for the metals industry.


DANIELI KOHLER (since 1959) is world leader in the supply of highly technological equipment, with more than 150 installations in molten metal coating lines of all types.


DANIELI WEAN UNITED (since 1901) is the reliable and innovative partner for design and construction of advanced hot and cold rolling plants, as well as processing lines.


DANIELI CENTRO MASKIN (since 1953) is a reliable and innovative partner for challenging new goals in the design and construction of advanced grinding, drawing, peeling and cold finishing lines for SBQ bars.


DANIELI ROTELEC (since 1977) is a leading company in the manufacture of electromagnetic stirrers for conticasters and induction bar edge heaters for hot strip mills, offering a unique combination of metallurgical process know-how and expertise in designing/self-manufacturing of equipments.

DANIELI CENTRO COMBUSTION (since 1991) is today a global leader in heating and heat treatment systems in the steel industry. Its area of expertise is in the design of combustion and quenching systems, with an in-house R&D centre and a full range of proprietary burners and innovative equipment applied to the steel and aluminum market for billets, blooms, slabs, plates, pipes, strips, bars and wires.