Electrostatic Oilers

Electrostatic Oilers

Electrostatic oiler

Additionally to our portfolio for complete strip processing lines and revamping of existing lines, we provide various auxiliary equipment to be used in cold rolling mills and metal strip production and processing plants. Our DF COULOMBopt oilers are cutting-edge solutions for demanding customers who want to produce first class material for special applications.

Sheets and strips might already corrode shortly after production or processing, i.e. a corrosion layer would form on the surface, which prevents further processing. The easiest way to prevent corrosion is to treat the surface of the thin sheet with special anti-corrosion oils.

Advanced electrostatic oilers for sheets and strips to be used in our strip processing lines, but also suitable for the revamping of existing lines, can be obtained from Danieli Fröhling. The enormous advantage of the electrostatic principle is its more homogenous, constant and reproducible spreading of well measured oil quantities at variable strip widths and speeds, not at least thanks to a specially developed spraying bar. Even high speeds exceeding 1000 m/min or strip widths of more than 2 meters do not create any problem. The machines can be moved out of the line, so that production is also possible without oiling. The type of oil can be exchanged quickly. Systems with different tanks for various oil types are available.

In order to provide you the best suitable solution and discuss special requirements, please get in touch with us. We are sure to provide a sound and comprehensive advisory service during a first technical meeting.