Furnaces for the metals industry

Getting to the very heart of heat

Innovative combustion and quenching systems. Full range of proprietary burners.

Heating & Heat Treatment Germany

In Germany, DANIELI Centro Combustion is represented by an expert for the complete range of heating and heat treatment equipment, in order to find the right solution and concept for any modernization project or new installation.

Being a direct contract partner in Germany on behalf of the whole DANIELI group, there is always a short reaction time due to the local presence.German and English language can be used for all commercial contracts and the project management.

Heating & Heat Treatment Group


DANIELI CENTRO COMBUSTION (since 1991) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DANIELI Group and responsible since the early 1990’s for the supply of heating and heat treatment furnaces. DANIELI Centro Combustion now stands as a respected part of a worldwide organisation providing a full array of services for its customers. The area of expertise is in the design of combustion and quenching systems, with an in-house Research and Development Centre and a full range of proprietary burners and innovative equipment applied to the steel and aluminium market for billets, blooms, slabs, plates, pipes, strips, bars and wires. Equipment is bespoke to conform to the needs of each individual client and includes the introduction of new cutting-edge technologies which concentrate on environmentally responsible solutions.